What makes this service different to anyone elses?

The 3 things we believe in


We will operate honestly, giving you the guidance as given by spirit guides and psychic senses. 

Sometimes we have to get through the difficulties to see the goodness, from the harsh of winter to the bright sunshine. 

We are here to guide you positively but we aren't here to tell you something just because you want to hear it. 


The Psychic Medium is paid fairly and decently from each call, there is no need or desire to have you hang on the phone for ages. There is no bonus scheme or incentive to make the Psychic Medium talk or waffle.

If spirit give him something that is a short 2 minute message so be it. We don't ask him to stay on the call any longer then spirit guide him too.

Always remember you are in control and also the call we automatically cut off after a set limit.


We believe in God and Spirit Guides, we follow our faith and connection when giving Psychic Readings and Mediumship.

The reading should be uplifting, honest, and you must understand the spiritual nature of the service.