Ashley lets his faith and his heart rule him, in touch with emotions but self controlled enough to follow God and Spirit.

He has lived a full life, experiencing, physical and emotional abuse including bullying at school.

Coping with and seeing how substance misuse can affect someone you care for, he suffered a hate crime attack at 16 years old and grew up in a loving but also challenging family home. 
But with all the challenges and difficulties,  God has given him a gift of an empathetic heart and nature and a connection to Spirit that has given him strength.
Spirit have stopped glass going through his body, a firework from maiming him, and even guided him to help save someone else's life.

" Any time I got away from God, God found me and brought me back, spirit have always been with me, they guide but they also take a step back and say --- OK it's your life....
 Through everything I can truly say God has been merciful loving and Spirit have been my friend "


3rd generation Sensitive Psychic Medium

Christian Spiritualist

Showcased skills on Sky TV, In the UK and The Netherlands

Psychic Reader at Mind, Body and Spirit festivals, privately, live on tv and at private circles.

Grandparents were Psychic Mediums.
I  first acknowledged my sense of the spirit world from around 13 years old.